Interesting Debate

I came across a very interesting debate that has been going on for a few days on and its one that originally began a couple of years ago. Basicially its the ‘secret surf spot map’ debate.

Some guy posted a map of all the secret surf spots in Ireland on and there was a heated argument over it.. alot of the experienced surfers were banned from for expressing their opinion over its existence.

Basically there has been a recent debate and a poll over whether or not the map should be taken down… Ive been following ths debate and thinking about it myself. The moderators on have decided to take the map down…

So I guess this is the best outcome. My opinion is that Beginner & Intermediate surfers (like me!) will eventually find out about these locations through experience and its kind of half the fun – finding a new wave to surf! So I dont think there should be a detailed map of all the surf locations in Ireland and they were right to take the map off

Thats my 2 cents on it…

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