Roof Rack & Surf Board Carrier

I started off my surfing travels with removable roof straps… last October that all changed!

I did a good bit of research looking for roof racks and stumbled across Mick’s Garage … an online site selling direct. They sell roof racks for all makes of cars and you can install it yourself. My car is a 98 Audi A4 and the roof rack I selected worked perfectly…I had it installed within half an hour…along with a wee bit of help!

I decided to go all out when I was buying and I bought a Thule surfboard carrier for the roof rack. This is great, the board is totally stable on the car. The only down side is that I’m restricted to two surfboards…so its not great if there are more than 2 surfers travelling in the one car.

Micks Garage have a good online help chat and they gave me €20 off the total price which was sound. The roof rack and Thule board carrier all delivered cost €170 … the board carrier brought the price up but hey, its made a big difference.

Neil Cooney
Professional: Urban, Regional, Coastal Planner

Personal: Environment, surfing, travel, outdoor.

Co-owner SAI

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