Whats Your Favourite Surf Wax?

For the past month I had a wee poll on the site asking people what their favourite surf wax was… the response wasnt massive but I put this down to it being the first month of the blog being online… so hopefully activity will pick up for the next poll!

There were four choices; Sticky Bumps, Mrs. Palmers, Paddy Wax, and Mr. Zogs Sex Wax.

The result was conclusive, the most popular surf wax was Mrs. Palmers taking 46% of the votes, in second place was Mr. Zogs Sex Wax with 23% of the votes and joint third were Sticky Bumps and Paddy Wax with
15% of the votes each.

I’ve tried a good few different surf wax’s but my favourite has to be Mrs. Palmers. I think a lot of the other wax’s smudge on the board and dont give you those bumps your after.

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  1. Mrs.Palmers is the only one that does it for me in the summer when I haven&#39;t got any booties on! With booties over the winter, it&#39;s not as much an issue!<br />It smells nice too!

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