Brazilian Music & Tow-In Surfing

While chatting to one of my Brazilian mates (Bruno) on facebook he directed me onto his website: Art Project Floripa. A.R.T.Project, as it is known, is a musical venture that brings surf music, hip-hop, reggae and rock n’ roll together into one finished article. If your tired of mainstream music and want a change that will not only surprise you but catch your attention then check the website out and download a few tracks… for free! The basic idea behind this project is:

A group of surfers from Florianópolis-Brazil, have been publishing their music online  for people to download for free. United by friendship, a love for music and a surfer lifestyle, they discovered a new way of making music.
Within the group, each member is a musician, surrounded by other people that play instruments or sing and enjoy participating in this project.

Someone thinks up a foundation for a song and records it, then sends it by e-mail to the others. Another member thinks up some lyrics, a third remembers a friend that plays the sax and sends it to him, who ends up creating a nice melody… and so forth.
When everything is ready, they all gather at the studio, Território da Lola, to record vocals, instruments and discuss the evolution of the songs, which vary from rock and hip-hop to reggae and surf music. Check out the music player below:
While on the website I spotted the video below of tow-in surfing at Maresias Beach, Southeast Coast Brazil. It includes some great waves from pro surfers Marcelo Trekinho and Bruno Santos and a song from the ART Project.

With intentions of spreading the music globally, the majority of the songs are written in English, Spanish and Portuguese. With every new track, new members are invited to participate; making ART Project a true global project. The crazy thing is that the music created is distributed for free! 


  1. Anonymous

    Wow! That's really nice… I'm a suspect to say about brazilian music but A.R.T. Project is awesome. Like so much this post. Congrats!

  2. Anonymous

    I've been hearing a lot about these guys. Are they really from Brazil? It sounds like its from California!

  3. Sorry Marcelo I deleted your last comment by accident. I'll definitely check out trueanthem. Cheers for the comments, keep the videos and music coming… they are excellent!

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