Vac From The Sea: Vacuum Cleaners Made From Plastic From The Sea

I was contacted by Electrolux in Sweden about this project and I thought it was interesting so here is a little bit of info on it.

The Pacific Ocean is polluted with the largest floating garbage islands in the world. Electrolux intends to gather plastic from the world’s oceans and turn it into a number of vacuum cleaners. The initiative – “Vac from the Sea” – aims to bring attention to the issue of plastic pollution and at the same time combat the scarcity of recycled plastics needed for making sustainable home appliances.

Plastic is the main raw material when making a vacuum cleaner. From a sustainable business point of view, Electrolux rely on an increased global supply of recycled plastic.

Many people don’t know this but there are plastic islands, some several times the size of the state of Texas, floating in our oceans.

The locations where plastic will be gathered will include the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.

The techniques for harvesting the plastic will vary depending on location – from diving after it to scooping it up from the waves. If your interested in this project you can follow it on Facebook

It sounds like a crazy venture but when you look into this topic you’ll see that it’s totally necessary. The amount of plastic that ends up in the sea is amazing… it doesn’t degrade but only gets smaller and smaller so eventually fish and birds end up eating it!

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