Save The Waves – Proposed Pier at Doolin Threatening Top Breaks

It’s been all over the Irish media in recent days and making headlines across the surfing community in Europe; the proposed pier at Doolin, Co. Clare could potentially destroy two top waves. Crab Island and Doolin Point are known as being among the top waves in the Country and the current design of the proposed pier may have a major impact on their future.

Clare County Council have made an application for the new pier and this will be voted on by the sitting Councillors in Clare. Basicially the council will decide their own application themselves!

The pier as currently proposed may have a number of negative impacts such as:

  • Waves reflecting from the proposed pier may destroy the breaks at Crab Island and Doolin Point.
  • The location of the pier will create serious health and safety issues; surfers paddling to the break at Crab will have to cross the path of ferries.
  • The visual impact of the pier will be huge.
  • Many plant and animal species may be affected. 

The photos below were taken by Paudie Scanlon and shows what great waves are at stake!

The West Coast Surf Club are putting together a document to submit to the County Council and are doing trojan work behind the scenes to have the pier design altered.

Check out the online petition and show your support for a re-design of the pier.

A new pier has to be constructed and all the surfers acknowledge this, however there are alternative locations and designs which would be more suitable and would have no impact on the waves. The surfing community is not against the principle of a new pier but a redesign could provide a suitable solution for all.

The details of the planning application can be seen on the Clare County Council website here. Anyone can make a submission and its free, so get the pen out and send your thoughts on the proposal to Clare County Council before August 13th 2010, the more support the better!

Check out the video below, some great waves caught at these surf spots… Don’t let them be destroyed! I havn’t surfed here yet… it’s slightly above my level but I want the opportunity to catch a few in a year or two!


  1. Damn!<br />Fuck BABYLON… they dont know how the life is good and simple. They always want more and more and forget about the simple things ins this life: the waves, the nature, etc.<br /><br />It&#39;s very sad!<br />&quot;After the last tree is down and the last fish is dead, the man will know that money is not food.&quot; Indigenous Proverb

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