Lahinch For the Weekend

After getting the new boards last week nothing was gonna stop us from hitting the water at the weekend, not even the bad conditions… when I say bad there was swell about but the wave period and wind ruined the surf.

I was meeting a few guys from the West Coast Surf Club on Friday night so the West Coast Lodge was my abode for the night… it’s the only place I stay in now when I visit Lahinch, unless its booked out in which case I’d recommend Ocean Breeze B&B up the road.

I dropped into Kenny’s on Friday night for a few pints… it’s always got a good crowd and live music on the weekends. Saturday morning, as tired as I was, I was more worried about the conditions… I got a heads up that Spanish Point was the best bet. I met Colin there, we waxed up the new boards and hit the water.

What a feeling getting out with my first proper board;  6’8″ Big Boy Fish , Colin’s new board is a little bigger; 6’10” Big Boy Fish. Both are custom boards from Mark McGuire (Powersource Surfboards). The waves were about 3 foot or so with the odd 4 footer coming in but man it was white water mania as we got out.

Being slightly cautious with the new board I didnt venture out far and hopped on a few of the smaller ones that came my way. The waves weren’t great but the few I caught gave me a sample of whats to come with the new board… it flies a lot smoother on the wave and man the manouverability is so different from the NSP.

The conditions could have been better for the first outing but it was still great to get the boards christened… just hoping for some nice clean waves in the next trip to really see what they’re made of!

P.S. We’re selling our old NSP boards if anyone is interested, great beginner boards. Send us an email at if ya need more info.

Colin Cooney
Surfer, Amateur photographer and Garden Designer. Co Owner of Surf Around Ireland….need to know more, get in touch!

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