Weaver Fish – Mind your step

Just when us surfers thought it was safe to discard our booties and enjoy the warm(ish) waters at Irish beaches, a pesky little fish is causing problems. What lies beneath the sand in the shallow waters of many of our favorite surf spots is not to be taken lightly. Beware of the Weaver Fish!
The Weaver fish like to bury themselves in the sand in the warm shallow waters at low tide mark. 

The fish itself is small at only 5-15cm long but it has a venomous dorsal fin which is left exposed above the sand. The fin may sometimes be strong enough to pierce through booties!

The sting can be extremely painful and anyone unlucky enough to step on one is in for alot of pain, sometimes lasting for weeks.
Treatment; The affected area should be immersed in as hot water as can be tolerated comfortably for 15 minutes. If this isn’t possible, cover the wound with hot flannels which should be changed repeatedly. The venom is deactivated by heat and the intense pain should subside within a few minutes of treatment. Simple painkillers such as paracetamol will also help to relieve the pain.
As with Jelly fish, the myth of peeing on the affected area is just that, a myth, and will not help to ease the pain!
Colin Cooney
Surfer, Amateur photographer and Garden Designer. Co Owner of Surf Around Ireland….need to know more, get in touch!


  1. Anonymous

    they can pierce thru the booties.. my son got a new set 2 days age and was stung again today althought not as bad.<br />Is there more of these fish around because i saw several people geeting stung at Spanish point over a few days.Aug 12. Noel.

  2. Not sure if there&#39;s more of them about Noel. I haven&#39;t come across them myself at Spanish Point before. Ive heard that some of them can be stong enough to pierce booties alright. Are they good quality booties your son has? Some of them only have a thin layer of rubber on the soles so investing in a more robust pair might do the trick. They usually only appear on low tide mark in the

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