Irish Surfer Survey

While I was working with the West Coast Surf Club on the submission against the proposed pier at Doolin, Co. Clare, we found that there was a lack of basic information about surfers in Ireland and this information would have been very useful for our submission. Since the completion of the submission I’ve searched again but there doesn’t seem to be any info available.

So, I’ve put together a short survey with different questions ranging from ‘how long you’ve been surfing’, ‘how much would you spend on a typical surf weekend away’ to ‘would you welcome a ASP world surfing event in Ireland’. The survey is open until 31st October 2010 and we’re looking for all surfers in Ireland from pure beginners without surf gear to the more seasoned surfers.

The survey can be completed online at: IRISH SURFER SURVEY and it takes less than 2 minutes!

If you are from outside the Island of Ireland we would ask you to fill out this survey: OVERSEAS SURFER SURVEY. Your help is appreciated.

As far as I’m aware this is the first such survey rolled out in Ireland across the country and it’s your opportunity to have your voice heard and your way to contribute to the first database of information on Irish surfers.

The info obtained from the survey will be of benefit to Irish surfers and can be used in future submissions supporting surfing, protecting some of our top breaks and will show people and our County Councils the amount of revenue surfing brings to our towns and businesses along our coastline.

The info will also be useful to the surfing community in general whether it be surf shops and surf schools or surf clubs and Irish websites.

So if you have 2 minutes click on the IRISH SURFER SURVEY or the OVERSEAS SURFER SURVEY and pass it on to your surfing friends around the Country and the world!

Update 30/03/11

The surf Economic report prepared as a result of the survey can be seen here: Surf Economic Report


  1. Hi Surferreg. The survey above is for surfers in the Island of Ireland only. However, having thought about it maybe information from overseas visitors would be of benefit. We will prepare a separate survey link for such surfers and it will be uploaded later tonight. Could you send your email address to and we will email you when the additional survey is live, Cheers.

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