Nightlife: Bundoran

Bundoran is a very lively spot and with all the surfing orientated shops and hostels in the town there’s a great buzz around the streets all year round. Like most Irish towns there are plenty of pubs in Bundoran!

After spending many weekends up there surfing the local breaks I’ve got a few favourite drinking spots in the town. So the pubs/clubs below are worth checking out when your sampling the porter in Bundoran!

If its a sunny evening or even a frosty night the Bridge Bar is always a great spot for a few pints with your mates. It overlooks the famous ‘Peak’ and is the ideal way to start off the evening. You know your in a surfing town while in this pub with photographs and various items on the walls relating to surfing. Catch this place on a sunny evening, grab a pint with your mates and enjoy the views from the front seating area.

For a more lively atmosphere you might want to check out the Chasin Bull on the Main Street. This place has plenty of screens to catch your favorite sport by day but when the sun goes down its can get a bit mad with live acts on every weekend. It’s kind of a mixed crowd ranging from all ages but if you’ve got a few around you I’m sure you’ll enjoy the atmosphere which will get you in the right mood for a nightclub!

Speaking of nightclubs, Bundoran has a couple with Paris and Jumpin Jacks the ones that spring to mind. We usually venture into Jumpin Jacks under the Holyrood Hotel. They seem to have a strict(ish) door policy here; so be on your best behaviour! This nightclub is pretty cool, and I was pleasantly surprised with its decor and variety for a town the size of Bundoran. It has a couple of different bars and a neat smoking area.

There are a couple of small pubs that keep the old fashioned feel and you may be lucky enough to drop into one of these for a pint of porter. You can’t go to far wrong with the ones above but sure when your out you might as well explore and report back to us!

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