September Sessions

September Sessions is a very short surf movie from Jack Johnson and Kelly Slater shot back in September 1999. My initial thoughts are that this is slighly boring in one sense… don’t get me wrong there’s some great footage of waves being surfed by top pros but it didn’t jump off the screen at me. If you want just great waves then you can’t go wrong but if your looking for something more, then you’ll need to keep searching!

It’s a more laid back type of movie that’s probably better suited to being on in the background while having a beer!

The movie is set at the Mentawai Islands off the West coast of Sumatra, Indonesia… known as one of the best surf locations in the world.

Maybe I’ve been spoiled in recent times with such greats such as ‘Sipping Jetstreams‘ but I felt that the film only focused on the waves; no interviews, no idea of the culture of the area, the people or the landscape… it’s just wave after wave. Nice to look at but not as intreging as others I’ve seen.

It’s quite short but they’re sweet waves… barrells are a plentiful. Jack Johnson has a few of his tracks in the soundtrack along with a few others musicans. The guys seem like they really enjoyed their trip, surfing till they could surf no more.

If ya want to check out Kelly Slater at a younger age then give this a look, you won’t be dissappointed with the waves!

Rating: 2.5/5

Colin Cooney
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