Lahinch To Sligo

A meeting with the West Coast Surf Club had me down in Lahinch on Friday night. The Doolin pier proposal is still on-going, the Council are yet to confirm the length or location of the proposed pier so the finer details are still unknown. I’ll up date ye more when we have some concrete details.

So I tried my hand at a reef on Saturday (my first time), one of my mates down in Lahinch brought me out. It was a great experience just to get out and see the lie of the land. Although I didn’t actually catch a wave and got thrown about a bit, it was worth the dip to see how it worked and to get to grips with it. The mental barrier of taking the first step of reef surfing is crossed.

I travelled up North to Standhill for a surf on Sunday, a few pics below of the nice sets rolling in.

Colin Cooney
Surfer, Amateur photographer and Garden Designer. Co Owner of Surf Around Ireland….need to know more, get in touch!

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