Save Crab Island & Doolin Waves

You may be aware of the recent proposed pier at Doolin, Co. Clare. Info on that application is here and the outcome here.

I don’t want to get into the technicalities of what happened at the end of the last application but the result is that the development as previously proposed will not go ahead… However, the Council soon resubmitted (Before Christmas) a new application with a slightly revised design.

Details of the new application on the Clare Co. Co. website here. Click on View Scanned Files Button (Internet Explorer Only)

Clare County Council did not contact any surfing organisation to discuss the new proposal or the concerns of surfers. They prepared and submitted the application again with no prior consultation what so ever.

Submissions outlining your concerns can be made (no fee required) on this new application until the last day in February to:

Planning Department,
Clare County Council
New Road,
Co Clare

Quote in your heading: Proposed Pier Development at Doolin, Co. Clare Planning Reference 108010.

Remember this is what we are fighting for:

 Photos Copyright: Paudie Scanlon.

We (Development Committee West Coast Surf Club) have submitted an initial submission in respect of the new application. The following is a quotation from same:

We now wish to state clearly that the revised proposals submitted are not acceptable, provide little improvement on the previous submission, will negatively impact on the wave environment and will become a serious danger to surfers in the area.”

Having reviewed the new proposal we have concluded that the revised position and length will have a significant impact on the surfing environment in the area.

The wave study prepared for Clare Council contains significant gaps in the bathymetry survey information, critically at the key surfing spots.

Section 3.1 of the Wave modelling Report prepared by Malachy Walsh and Partners (submitted with the new application) confirms that there will be impacts on the existing wave environment if the pier is built as proposed, however these impacts are not quantified in the report.

That report does confirm however that there will be an increase in currents, this will be particularly dangerous for surfers entering and exiting the water.

Worryingly Section 4 of the report notes the potential for ‘significant impact on the surf waves’.

We would urge everyone to show their support for this cause. The West Coast Surf Club and surfers are not against a new pier but a more suitable location and design could be achieved to suit all parties.

Neil Cooney
Professional: Urban, Regional, Coastal Planner

Personal: Environment, surfing, travel, outdoor.

Co-owner SAI


  1. Sure thing Neil, sounds like a classic beauracratic slight of hand and there&#39;s a lot at stake if, as you say, those waves will be affected. Is there anything brother surfers in the UK can do to show our support? I&#39;m not sure writing to the council from the UK would have much impact but happy to have a go if you think it will help. <br />Alternatively happy to post about it on my blog

  2. Josh, We need all the help we can get mate. Uk surfers can send an objection also and this will help our cause. It will show that this is getting attention outside Ireland and that people abroad recognise the importance of these waves.<br />If you could put up some info on your blog that would be great (Whats the link?) Give me a shout again if ya need more info.

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