Galway For Pints & Clare for Surf

Friday night Galway beckoned with a birthday celebration on the cards… one of the girls was having her ‘Nineth 21st’ as she put it! Conditions were looking decent Saturday so we popped down to Fanore for a paddle.

It was dump city and paddling was about as much as we did along with getting thrown around a small bit. Slightly frustrated but totally refreshed from the session Myself and Colin knew somthing special would be happening at a slab slightly above our level! Time for photography to kick in…

So from a shitty surf to an epic photography session; it was a good day.

The guys were out for about 3 hours and it was a heavy session…

Plenty more photos to come and videos… so check out the Feature Page in the coming week or so for some epic pics and footage.

Colin Cooney
Surfer, Amateur photographer and Garden Designer. Co Owner of Surf Around Ireland….need to know more, get in touch!

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