The beauty of local surf shops

Clare beckoned again this weekend with West Coast Lodge providing shelter Friday and Saturday night. The place was pretty busy with the NUIG surf club down for the weekend.

A few hours in the water at Lahinch was a great tonic after a long drive. Waves weren’t epic but still good enough to keep us happy.

I had stopped in with Tom Doidge for a chat about a new board thats being gifted to me! (Sweet I know) after looking at a couple of designs, contemplating what size and type of board would suit me, we nailed down a sweet little design that should keep me on my toes. Tom was very helpful and I felt really comfortable leaving in the knowledge I had made the right decision.

The nightlife is beginning to pick up in lahinch after the winter slump but it will be a few more weeks before its completely hopping with seasonal surfers.

Sunday the swell had dropped off a bit and Lahinch wasn’t worth the dip, a tip that Spanich Point was looking like a good bet turned out to be great. One thing stood in our way; one of my mates was working off rentals for the weekend and a quick phone call to Preacher at Whitewater Surf Co. sorted us right out.

Where would we be without local surf shops like this. Preacher dropped a board and wetsuit down to the beach to us… sweet.

Pretty stoked after a great session today in waves just over waist high… it’s not always about the big size but the quality of the session!

Colin Cooney
Surfer, Amateur photographer and Garden Designer. Co Owner of Surf Around Ireland….need to know more, get in touch!

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