Clare… I Will Be Back

Last weekend I (Neil) had a going away party / drinks with my mates down in Lahinch. Australia beckons and a new chapter will be opened filled with adventures, tales and hopefully good times.

West Coast Lodge was the gathering point for the group and from the feedback I got from my mates they loved it. A few had never surfed before so it was an experience getting the wetsuits on and hitting the water. They were in the very capable hands of Richie from Ben’s Surf Clinic so I knew they would enjoy it.

Drinks were had, stories exchanged and introductions made; everyone went home with smiles on their faces so we cant get better than that!

The weekend was a great opportunity for me to say farewell to many of my new found mates in Lahinch and of course cheers to the lads for the new board… it’s sweet.

Before we left for home, with slightly tired heads, myself and Colin bumped into Ollie O’Flaherty who had a big smile on his face for two very good reasons 1) Man Utd. were kicking Chelsea’s ass and 2) a new swell was pushing in that evening for a potential great surf / photo session. It meant staying in Clare till near 9.30 but it was worth it… see the pic below.

Surfer: Tom Lowe

A new feature ‘Photo Article’ coming very soon so keep an eye out on the ‘Features Page‘.

I may have had my last surf in Ireland for a long time but new horizons for a while will be good. My Bro (Colin) will be keeping the Irish side of this site going and Im putting in a new section with me on my travels so watch out for some sun riddled shots from Oz.

Colin Cooney
Surfer, Amateur photographer and Garden Designer. Co Owner of Surf Around Ireland….need to know more, get in touch!

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