Aileens Awakens Once Again

On Sunday myself and Marc hit the road from Galway to Clare. I’d been watching the charts all week and conditions were looking pretty good; there was a good chance there’d be some nice waves at Aileens! Now to time it… get a surf in ourselves and make it to the cliffs in time to see the locals ripping!

It’s never easy to get up early on a Sunday but with conditions this good we were on it! Fanore was the best option for us on the way for a couple of hours surf with some decent sets rolling in… The strong offshores kept the windsurfers on their toes! No sign of Dusty today unfortunately!

After the surf we were treated to a spectacle of horses on a hunt. The burren seems to be a suitable backdrop for any activity, this landscape never gets tired!

With a flask of tea inside us we headed for the cliffs, a few of the reefs on the way were working and we were tempted to stop off and take some shots but missing out on some Aileens action was not an option, so we kept going. We did stop off at one spot on the way and came across a beached Long Finned Pilot Whale of about 2.5-3.0m long. Marc has since contacted the IWDG (Irish Whale & Dolphin Group) and they were aware of its stranding. Apparently it had washed up dead in bad condition a few weeks back.

I’ve never seen the parking area so busy in all my life! Vans, Jeeps, Campervans and cars all wedged with surfboards and drying wetsuits hanging off wing mirrors and bonnets! It seems that most of the cars belonged to surfers with some spectators coming and going every few minutes.

With about fourteen or so surfers in the water and conditions perfect we sat back and snapped happy! I’m still on a steep learning curve as regards photography and anxiously waiting to get a better lens for these types of shots but here’s a few iv’e picked out.

Colin Cooney
Surfer, Amateur photographer and Garden Designer. Co Owner of Surf Around Ireland….need to know more, get in touch!

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