Lahinch Surf Schools pushed aside by Clare Co. Council

Seaside towns such as Lahinch, Strandhill, Bundoran and Tramore have been revived over the past 5-10 years due to the popularity of surfing in Ireland. These types of coastal towns really suffered with the availability of cheap flights and cheap sun holidays but are now seeing a huge influx of both Irish holiday makers and Tourists all seeking the thrill and buzz of surfing, whatever the weather.

Lahinch has over five ISA approved surf schools based on the prom. Up until recently these surf schools traded in the carpark overlooking the beach where the instructors had full view of the ocean and the ever changing sea conditions. With only a handful of trained lifeguards on duty during the summer months, surf instructors at Lahinch Beach play a valuable role in advising people about dangerous conditions year round and on numerous occasions surf instructors have come to the aid of struggling surfers and swimmers.

For reasons unknown, Clare County Council have now decided that it would be better to place all of the surf schools down on the lower carpark away from the sea and away from the crowds of Lahinch Promenade. A document published by Clare Co. Co. called “Integrated Tourism Strategy For County Clare” lists surfing as a strength in the establishment of tourism in Co. Clare yet they seem to be doing everything in their power to hinder the progress of surfing in the county.

Clare Co. Co. have alot to answer for recently:
1) Moving of surf schools away from the water and out of sight at Lahinch Beach.
2) Blaming the presence of E-coli on three of Clare beaches on abnormal weather conditions.
3) The development of Doolin Pier which has potential to destroy world class waves.
4)The placement of a car park barrier at Fanore Beach

Here is a picture showing Ben’s Surf Clinic’s view before and after they were forced to move. I know which one I’d prefer if my children were surfing or swimming at Lahinch Beach. I will post information on how to contact your local Clare Councillors in opposition to this farce.

Sing the petition here.


  1. Anonymous

    We travelled over from the UK to Lahinch, and we actually hired a few boards from Bens van and the van next to it the next day. We found it odd that they were hidden out of view, we wasted an hour going around the town looking for board hire before we stumbled across the back hidden vans by accident. I would also like to point out at Tramore there is a large analog clock on the wall looking out

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