Busy Aileens Surf On An October Sunday

There were alot of happy heads around Clare following an epic surf session at the Cliffs of Mohar last Sunday, 21st October 2012. There was a huge crowd in the water and also a huge crowd of spectators to view the massive swell conjured up by Hurricane Rafael. I made my way down to get a closer viewing point, as I made my decent I bumped into Dave Blount who was running late for the session but managed to make it in to score a few nice waves.

There was a tow-In team from France with the Billabong Adventure Division as well as the regulars of Fergal Smith, Tom Lowe, Cain Kilcullen, and a whole host of bodyboarders including Shambles McGoldrick, who was dropping into some bombs! The mad man Finn Mullan was out on his SUP taking some unbeleavable drops on such a big craft! Talking to him after, Finn said…

‘I hadn’t been back there since I windsurfed it on my own, so it was really good to see it with everyone out and the surfing and boggieboarding that day was amazing’

Finn now holds the record for first person to SUP Aileens, windsurf Aileens and also the record for the first person to Wind-Surf at Mullaghmore and the first person to Paddle surf ‘Finn MacCools’ off the Giants Causeway in Antrim, Amazing!

Eric Rebiere-Aileens Surfing

Eric Rebiere-Aileens Surfing


Yann Mestelan surfing Aileens

Finn Mullan-Supping Cliffs

Finn Mullan Supping at The Cliffs of Moher

Surfing Aileens Ireland

Surfing Aileens

Hugh Galloway-Surfing Aileens ireland

Hugh Galloway-Surfing Aileens

Cain Kilcullan

Cain Kilcullan-Surfing Aileens

Surfing Cliffs of Moher

Surfing Aileens

Surfing Aileens

Surfing Aileens


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  1. Nice, it's really rare to see a good surfing destination outside of the steoretypes (I'm talking to you, hawaii!). Maybe it's time to give this place a little more exposure?

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