The Crest – A New Crowdfunded Irish Surf Movie

This is one of the success stories of crowdfunding; the people behind this interesting story have been more than successful in reaching their initial target of $30,000. The movie is closely connected to Irish surfing and emigration years ago. The following summary provides the backdrop of this upcoming movie:

Cut off from the surrounding world by treacherous ocean, a collection of rocky islands off the western-most coast of Ireland housed a people and a King. Constantly fighting against the threat of famine and cruel weather, this group of families helped preserve a language and culture that was forcibly taken from their country.

That was long ago. Since then, the Blasket Islands have become a cult topic, producing and inspiring nearly as many books as it had residents. One person frequently featured in these celebrated memoirs was known as “An Ri”: the King.

Among the King’s duties was to trek across miles of unforgiving ocean to the Dingle Peninsula for correspondence and supplies. After his death and the evacuation of the island, his descendants settled in America.

On opposite sides of the country, two of the King’s great great grandchildren would inherit a love for the ocean and make their way — unaware of the other’s existence — to the world of serious surfing. Upon discovering each other, they arrange to meet for the first time in the land of their unique heritage, to explore their history and satisfy a desire to conquer the dangerous water of The Blasket Islands. This isn’t coincidental — it’s in their blood.



For more information on this project take a look at the crowdfunding page.

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