Surfing Ireland, Bodyboarding Barrels on Valentines Day

Surfing Ireland- Barrels on Valentines Day

South African born Bodyboarder Mark Stephens is no stranger to surfing Ireland’s reefs but he hasn’t been in the water for over three months. He had his come back surfing session on Valentines Day. Here’s Mark’s thoughts on how it went!

Mark Says:

“When I arrived, the lefts were pumping but I didn’t have anyone to film for me so I decided to leave my camcorder on the dashboard of my car and hit record and went out for a surf… But ‘Murphy’s Law’… As soon as I started to paddle out, the lefts started to pinch and the rights started to run! But I stuck with it and tried to score a few lefts anyway. Oh and if you were wondering why there a clip of the South African Anthem at a rugby game at the beginning…. Well I am a South African living in Dublin… So I JUST have to be patriotic sometimes! ”

We look forward to more videos of Mark Surfing in Ireland. So did anybody else get some Surfing on Valentines Day


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