15 Critical Drops Surfing at Aileens-Surfing the Cliffs

Aileens Wave Ireland, nestled under the Cliffs of Moher in the heart of the Burren in the west of  Ireland. Where every drop is Critical! Not for the ill prepared!

I wont pretend to know what its like to drop into a wave at Aileens nor do i every expect to experience it. I do know however that with any wave, big or small, your positioning is key. The consequences of getting this right or wrong at a wave like Aileens has a whole different meaning than your regular surfing wave. My advice would be to look, but don’t touch unless your seriously know what your doing! Here’s a selection of critical drops from a few different paddle sessions at the cliffs. Some successful, some not!  Enjoy!

Surfing Aileens

Dave Winchester-Critical Drop 1 on a Bodyboard

Surfing Aileens

Tom Lowe-I think!

Surfing Ireland

Dave Winchester

Surfer Ireland

Dylan Stott-Stylish drop


Cain Kilcullen, Too deep to go right!

Surfing Ireland

Unknown Surfer

Aileens Surfing

Smooth Line-didn’t end so well though!

Supping Aileens

Finn Mullen Supping Aileens!

Surfing Aileens

Jack Johns

Surfing at Aileens

Dylan Stott-Beautiful Drop

Surfing in Ireland

Mitch Corbett knows what this wave can do if not careful

Surfing at Aileens

John McCarthy-One of the first to surf the wave back in the day.

Surfing at Aileens

Too Deep, go left!

Surfing at Aileens

Mitch Corbett again from a different session

Surfing at Aileens

Patch Wilson, negotiating the drop through heavy traffic!




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