Fuel For Surfers-Veggie and Meat lover sambos

Not so Ordinary Sambo ideas from Busylittlefoodie’s Grace Brady!

Step away from that breakfast roll. Back off from the rubber looking ham and containers of pregrated cheese at the expensive deli counter. Don’t even think about going for the prepacked egg salad sandwich cut into triangles in the plastic packaging at the petrol station. There’s just no need.

Making your own sandwiches or rolls are the best. When have you ever sat out on the water or at your office at work and dreamed of a petrol station deli sandwich? Never? That’s what I thought. Deli sambos are expensive, aren’t as convenient and quick as you think and they just don’t taste as good as the real, homemade deal. I was sanding and painting a boat all weekend and dreaming of bread rolls stuffed with delicious fillings and toppings. That’s when I came up with these bad boys.

These fillings will make the veggie in the group very happy while making the meat eaters jealous. The meaty sambo is my answer to the dull and costly ham and cheese combo we always fall for. All of the ingredients can be prepared beforehand so when you come in for your lunch, you can just pile all the ingredients on top of each other, eat it and get back in the water.
Simple, quick and yummy! Enjoy!

Meat lovers: Ham & Cheese


1 roll per person or brown bread/spelt/malt
3/4 slices of thick cut ham (butchers or leftovers from a ham dinner)
1 half apple, cored and cut into thin half moons
1 handful rocket
3/4 slices goat’s cheese
1 tablespoon of hummus or butter
1 tsp butter

Butter or hummus your bread. In a frying pan, melt the butter on a high heat and fry the apple slices until golden. Remove the apples from the pan and place them on one half of the bread. Dress the rocket in the apple and butter sauce left in the pan. Add that with the cheese and ham. Close over and devour.


Veggie lovers: Roasted pepper and goat’s cheese

1 roll per person or brown bread/spelt/malt
1 large red pepper, quartered with seeds removed
A sprig of thyme or oregano
Salt and pepper and a glug of olive oil
1 handful rocket
3/4 slices goat’s cheese
2 tablespoons of green pesto

Preheat the oven to 190 C. In a tray, add the peppers, herbs, olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast in the oven for 30 minutes until soft. Spread pesto onto your bread. Place peppers and goat’s cheese in layers. Mix the rocket in the oil leftover in the baking tray and add to the sandwich. Close over, devour and make the meat eaters jealous.

(Hint: I make the peppers in a big batch the night before. They last 3 days in a container in the fridge and if you don’t use them for sambos, add them to some pasta sauce)IMG_4753re


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