Video-Irish Surf Trip 1995

Surf trip footage from a group of Welsh mates visiting the Emerald Isle back in 1995! That’s 20 years ago!!

He’re what one of the guys has to say about the experience:
As a surfer from South Wales the first surf trip I made the across the Irish Sea was back in October 1992. I was lucky to have a friend originally from Cornwall (Mark McQuire – who had moved over there and he looked after us. I must admit looking back it was a seriously fun time to be visiting and surfing the Irish coastline, the line-ups were still relatively empty and the locals (as long as you didn’t act like a dickhead!) welcoming. Although we only scored one seriously good day on that first trip I was immediately hooked on Ireland as a place & for the following 5 years revisited the country on numerous surf trips.

The trip in this video was in September 1995 and took 3 of us on a roller coaster ride down the west coast of Ireland chasing optimum swell and wind directions. Every morning we would buy the Irish independent newspaper, check the weather synoptic (pre-internet days!!) and then make a beeline for where we thought would be best. From Bundoran to Easkey and then down to the Dingle we scored some super fun and pretty much empty waves.

By the way sorry in advance about the shaky grainy footage!!

Colin Cooney
Surfer, Amateur photographer and Garden Designer. Co Owner of Surf Around Ireland….need to know more, get in touch!

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