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Product: Ho-Stevie Go-Pro Mount Mountchoosing-colors
Reviewed by: Wesley Cowpar,
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Steve (Ho-Stevie) kindly sent us his GoPro Mouth Mount for review. Here’s how the first session went using the product.


The “Ho-Stevie” is a very simple yet versatile piece of equipment. I mainly shoot for fun, both while surfing and without my board around the local reefs.¬† This mouth piece allows you capture better footage down the line of your mates catching¬† waves or if they’re good enough, getting barreled. For first person shooting I feel the POV style immerses the viewer more than the standard board mount and the Ho-Steve mouth piece does a great job in supporting the camera.

Breathing with the mouth piece is not an issue, even after a few wipeouts, and at no point did I think it was going to get ripped out of my mouth. I definitely think its better than the standard head piece where you have to wear a hood all the time.




Recommendations: I would like to see a better lanyard, possibly a bungee style, to allow the GoPro to be taken out out the mouth and held behind for an additional viewpoint. For this surf session I attached the lanyard to my wettie zip. I’d also recommend getting the orange coloured float as the black one is difficult to spot if it gets lost.

Verdict: I’m looking forward to using the mouth piece again for sure. Its a really useful piece of equipment to have as a surfer and photographer.

TIP: The GoPro hangs upside down with the mount so be sure to change the settings on the GoPro to flip the footage the right way up.

Where to Buy: Purchase the GoPro Mouth Mount Here

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