Aden Kleve-Ireland (one word “Epic”)

Photos & Video edit of Aden Kleve. Ireland 2015

South African Bodyboarder, Aden Kleve scored some epic surf sessions on his recent visit to Ireland and by the sounds of it had a few pints to celebrate. The Gallery below are a few shots I took while he was here followed by an awesome edit compiled from footage by Clem McInerney, Chronny Casey, Tom Gillespie, Luke Muroy and himself.

Surfing-Ireland_1 Surfing-Ireland_2 Surfing-Ireland_3 Surfing-Ireland_4 Surfing-Ireland_5 Surfing-Ireland_6 Surfing-Ireland_7 Surfing-Ireland_8 Surfing-Ireland_9 Surfing-Ireland_10 Surfing-Ireland_11


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