A Second Life for your old Watersports Gear!

Did you order new watersports gear for 2016? Are you about to give the old, destroyed gear to the binman? If that’s the case, please read on.

old surf gear 1Project eXtreme gear clean-up by LX bags are an Irish pre-startup looking to create a range of beautiful, functional and high quality fashion accessories (such as backpacks, bags, laptop sleeves, purses and wallets) made out of recycled extreme sports gear (such as kites, wetsuits and sails). To help them go ahead with their project, they are looking at collecting retired gear from both outdoor schools and outdoor enthusiasts.

Veronica, The Founder of LX bags,  tells us that she came up with this idea when she destroyed two of her own wetsuits.
“They were lying around my small Dublin flat for months because I felt bad just binning them. I know that many surfers and other outdoor enthusiasts go through same range of emotions thinking about dumping a load of plastic into landfill and the nature we love. So I gave it a bit of thought, did my research and LX bags project was born!”

If you like the idea and want to help, you can do this in 3 ways:

1)    Donate: Give them your old/destroyed gear that you can’t use in your lessons anymore. Avoid bin costs and save the environment. We will do regular collections throughout the year. The first collection will be in mid/end March 2016. Get in touch, if you have something for them.

2)    Be a drop off point: If you run an outdoor centre, sailing school, SUP, kite and surfing school etc., become a partner. Serve as a drop off point for individual surfers, kiters and other water lovers living in your area. Being a drop off point means that during your opening hours people can come in and drop off their old gear at your shop/school. In return, they will give you:

a)    A cool handmade sign made out of recycled bike tubes,

b)    A bin/basket for collection made out of recycled bike tubes,

c)    A shout out on their blog/Facebook page.

LX bags will do regular collections, so don’t worry that your store will get too cluttered. Please, reach out if you are interested in becoming a drop off point. We’ll do the first pickup around the coast in March to distribute the signs and baskets to you and collect the post Christmas/new year cleanup gear which you might have by that time.

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3)    Spread the word: Do you have friends working in schools and shops who would be interested in becoming a drop off point or maybe they have old gear that they want to get rid of? Please spread the  goodwill and send your friends to our site, and invite them to like our Facebook page

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