Guts & Glory at the Cliffs of Moher-Surfing Ireland

Not Ideal conditions but some perfect waves scored!

After all the storms lately it was nice to see a few days of offshores on the horizon! On paper it looked perfect, a fairly long fetch swell with favorable winds and tides. I was convinced it was a done deal and there would be surfers running down the goat trail for a session at the cliffs. When i got there however it was a different story, tides hadn’t come to their best yet but most of the surfers weren’t 100% happy with how the waves were breaking! Sometimes looking at it for too long messes with your head I heard a few guys saying.

After much deliberation a sizeable crew made the treck down the side of the giant cliffs and the long paddle out to see what was presented to them from the water. Most of the crew were rewarded with some beauties. The lineup included some of the usual faces of Matt Smith, Fergal Smith, Ollie o’ Flaherty, Hugh Galloway, ¬†Dave Blount, Patch Wilson, Tom Lowe, Tom Gilespie with visiting Spanish surfer Juan Diez Teran getting wave of the day.

Here’s a few shots from the session:

Tom Lowe_Surfing Ireland_IMG_0425_L

Tom Lowe

Tom Gilespie_Board_IMG_0420_L

Tom Gilespie

Surfing Ireland_IMG_0456_L

Empty Beauty

Fergal Smith_IMG_0276_L

Fergal Smith

Fergal Smith_IMG_0602_L

Fergal Smith

Surfing Aileens_IMG_0404_L

Some really massive ones rolled in at times

Surfing_Ireland_Matt Smith_IMG_0371_L

Matt Smith

Surfing Ireland_Matt Smith_IMG_0503_L

Matt Smith Picked off some really decent waves

Surfing_Ireland_Ollie o Flaherty_IMG_0495_L

Ollie O Flaherty before the lip took his head off

Patch Wilson_IMG_0580_L

Patch Wilson Bagged the most barrels

Surfing_Ireland_Patch Wilson_IMG_0286_L

Patch Wilson

Surfing_Ireland_Patch Wilson_IMG_0491_L

Patch Wilson


Peter Conroy & Seamus O Riain on Jet Ski Safety check out the size of that cavern!


Pete from Denmark fancied a left

Surfing_Ireland_Juan Teran_IMG_0541_L

Wave of the Day to Juan Teran

Surfing Ireland_IMG_0589_L

One last glimpse from the top before heading home to dry out!


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