A cracking day’s surfing at the Cliffs of Moher

Twenty something photos of a 20ft plus session, surfing at the Cliffs of Moher.

This really is one of the most stunning places to spend a day especially when the sun shines and the waves are pumping! With some twenty foot bombs rolling in and light-ish offshores, barrels were guaranteed!IMG_0768_L

A solid crew paddled out, with many of the usual faces dropping into some massive bombs. There were plenty of ass whippings dealt out which is inevitable when surfing the Cliffs! A few stand out waves were ridden by two visiting basque surfers, Natxo Gonzalez and Indar Unanue with Fergal Smith, Noah Lane and Tom Lowe bagging a few beauties to remember as well as bodyboarders Dan Skajarowski, Mickey Smith, Tom Gillespie and George Franklin. Peter Conroy (Irish Tow Surf Rescue) was on patrol keeping watch over the lineup. Here’s a selection of shots from the epic session.

Natxo Gonzalez
“This is one of the most beautiful and scariest places I have ever been to…I will miss you Ireland, good waves and amazing people! Proud to meet the surfing community, great people”

natxo natxo-1


Indar Unanue
“Ireland-Magical place, thanks to all the local crew for the good welcome”

Surfing Cliffs of Moher


Noah Lane

Surfing at the cliffs of moherNoah-Lane

Tom Lowe

Tom-Lowe-3 Tom-Lowe-4

 Finn Mullen
“What a Day, Some crazy waves and rides going down, fair play to the lads, charging!”

Finn Mullen

A Bundle of Boogs,
Mickey Smith, George Franklin, Tom Gillespie, Dan Skajarowski

Dan Dan-or-Mickey george-Franklin Tom-Gilespie

Random Shots
Beautiful Empty Waves, Surfers, Jet Skis, Boats, Boards and some Local Wildlife!

Big-Wave-Ireland boat-and-board Empty-Beauty Empty-Wave-Cliffs-of-moher From-Below Lizard

Patch Wilson


Ryan Watts


Fergal Smith


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  1. Denise E Knight

    BITCHIN’ SHOTS!!!! I’m a Huntington Beach, California girl and just made my first visit to Ireland in February. Viewed the cliffs of Moher and ran into a cool local kid, Taghd Kennedy, down in Lahinch. Beautiful surf spot!!! Can’t wait to see more of your photos. Thanks for sharing them!! Have shared them with friends!

    Link to my Dad’s fb page: https://www.facebook.com/DennyCostelloSurfingPioneer/?fref=ts

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