Féileacán – (And the Lost Weekend)

Escape is the first word that enters my mind, the second? Possibility.

A rare feature film that brings you inside, along for the ride and part of the journey with familiar faces and some unfamiliar places.

The intrinsic link between each camera shot creates a personable feel about this feature edit, with a soft and thoughtful soundtrack that begins with the earthly sounds of waves and the ocean.

There is a strong feeling of warmth associated with this short work of art, which is a testament to the surfers, videographers and producers given its icy location.

Féileacán (pronounced fell-er-kun), is the Irish word for Butterfly. It’s precise meaning, however, is somewhat elusive, for as well as meaning butterfly, it also refers to the brightness or lightning of the Gods, and to the magical flame of fire. What is known, is that in Irish folklore, it was believed that butterflies could readily pass through the veil between this world and the magical realm.

Weekends can be magical times and Finisterre ambassadors Easkey Britton, Noah Lane, Matt Smith, Sandy Kerr and Fergal Smith have Kerouac’s words ringing in their ears as they hit the road for a weekend road trip: The fact that everybody in the world dreams every night ties all mankind together.

A film by Chris McClean
Produced by Matt Smith and Chris McClean
Sound by CJ Mirra
Narration by Alan Watts
Photography by David Gray
Executive Producers: Tom Kay, Natalie Beck, Simon Charlesworth

Shot on Location in Ireland.

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