LX – upcycle: Product Launch

Turning old wetsuits, kites, bike-tubes and sails into wallets, laptop cases and bags.

Earlier this year we helped a fresh-born project “LX-upcycle” to collect out-of-service wetsuits, sails and kites from Irish outdoor enthusiasts around the country. Today we are happy to announce that their products – wallets, bags and laptop cases made from upcycled old sports gear –  are available online. Here is little bit more about the brand, their products and their inspiration.

LX-upcycle is an ethical fashion brand of accessories made from discarded wetsuits, kites, sails, bike tubes and other outdoor-sports kit.

The main reason for setting up LX-upcycle has been to build an environmentally conscious business, reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the nature and hopefully inspire other businesses and individuals to act, produce and consume in a way, which helps to preserve the environment instead of harming it.

“I’m a passionate surfer, globetrotter and environmentalist” says the founder, Veronika. “I would spend my free time seeking out perfect waves in scenic locations in Ireland and around the world. However, I was was never happy about the short lifespan of the materials used in the outdoors-industry. There is already lot of plastics and waste both in the ocean and on the land and I don’t want this industry to add to this problem even more. I felt compelled to do something to help protect the places us surfers and outdoor enthusiasts love.”

It all started in October 2015 as a personal research project and initiative. Due to the solid support from people working in the Irish outdoors industry, it turned into a business idea.  LX-upcycle collected almost 3 tonne bags of discarded extreme sports gear, which is a lot. Thank you again to all who donated!

Upcycle Surf Products

The launch-product portfolio consists of laptop cases, small unisex wallets and ladies purses and wallets.

“Our style is a mix of modern urban/industrial minimalistic look, combined with quirky 80’s disco colors. We use strong, technical materials such as wetsuits and bike-tubes. We combine that with shiny neon colors from kites, sails and windsails.”

No two products are 100% the same and they carry partial letterings, logos or ornaments from the gear they were upcycled from. It’s a gentle reminder, that things don’t have to be thrown away after they stop serving the purpose they were made for. With bit of thought, will and creativity, the materials they were made from can be kept in use even after the original product is unusable. Waste is not a waste until we decide to waste it.

If you are interested to learn more about this new ethical brand, check their blog or follow them on their social media:  Facebook Instagram or Twitter



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