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Surfer, Amateur photographer and Garden Designer. Co Owner of Surf Around Ireland....need to know more, get in touch!
Irish Surfing

Shallow Deep-Cain Kilcullen Surfing an Irish Slab

Short Irish Surfing video by the talented filmmaker Peter Martin. This is probably as deep as you get on a Shallow Irish slab like this and Cain Kilcullen makes surfing it look so easy. Sure, he takes his beatings but…

Surfing Ireland

Surfing Ireland, Bodyboarding Barrels on Valentines Day

Surfing Ireland- Barrels on Valentines Day South African born Bodyboarder Mark Stephens is no stranger to surfing Ireland’s reefs but he hasn’t been in the water for over three months. He had his come back surfing session on Valentines Day….

Lahinch Surfing on Valentines Weekend

Perfect Lahinch Surfing Conditions with Beautiful Sunshine on Valentines Day. Here’s a few random surfing photos from Lahinch last Saturday! The sun was shining and the perfect glassy waves were busy, but everyone had a smile on their face! This…

Destination West, East Coast Surfing in Ireland

Surfing Dublin, Wicklow & Meath Its all about getting out of the Pale and escaping for a surf these days, hoards of boards on roofs hitting the M7 and M4 every Friday evening trying to beat the rush hour traffic after…

Surfing Kerry

Memories in the Kingdom- Surfing Kerry

Surfing Kerry-Tom Knox The Awesome guys at MSW Winter Session have had a huge amount of Irish Surfing Submissions this year and some of the best might I add!! Here’s Tom Knox, local Kerry surfer at his home break not…

We are nowhere, and it’s now – Fergal Smith

Fergal Smith: big wave surfer, farmer, father and realist. Leaving the professional game behind years ago, this video captures where he wants to be and it is now… no commercialism, no status, just a realism of what we need; community,…

Fergal Smith Mullaghmore

Fergal Smith – Mullaghmore Paddle Mission

Fergal Smith Mullaghmore Paddle Mission The Latest Episode of Fergal Smith’s Growing sees Ferg drive through the night for a Surf Paddle session at Mullaghmore and contemplates whether its extra board length or positioning that helps him to score bombs…


European Association of Surfing Doctors Conference 2014 – Sligo

ESAD Conference 2014 An insight into the European Association of Surfing Doctors (ESAD) Conference held in Sligo in September 2014. The dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism of this group is commendable. From the footage its clear to see Sligo and Mullaghmore…

Monster Waves of Europe- Ireland

IRISH SURF DOCUMENTARY (duration 26:29min): Some exclusive Irish Surf footage from 2007. Feature filmmaker Robby Seegar along with professional big wave surfers Jamie Sterling (Hawaii)  and Shaun Dickson (Australia) traveled to Ireland in search of the some of the biggest…

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