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Surf longer and paddle stronger with PaddlePillow

With one in four surfers suffering from lower back pain, Irish surfer David Collins – himself being part of that statistic – set about trying to find a solution that would keep him in the water longer and relieve his…

Mistakes Made … Are Lessons Learnt

‘Mistakes Made … Are Lessons Learnt’ is a short film by Peter Conroy introducing you to how and why the Irish tow surf rescue club was established. The Irish tow surf rescue club was set up nearly 10 years ago…

Two Days Out West

An awesome display of barrel riding from a bunch of bodyboarders and surfers during two days of epic swell conditions in March on the west coast of Ireland. Really nice editing work by Rory O Dowd

A Life in The Day-“Surf City” Lahinch

[youtube id=”lI8yfKm8OVo” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”740″] This short video, brought to you by Paddle Pillow, follows four locals on a day of clean, off-shore surf in and around Lahinch aka Surf City, Co. Clare, Ireland on the 2nd April 2016. Featuring…

Cliffs of Moher Surfing

A cracking day’s surfing at the Cliffs of Moher

Twenty something photos of a 20ft plus session, surfing at the Cliffs of Moher. This really is one of the most stunning places to spend a day especially when the sun shines and the waves are pumping! With some twenty…

An Luigín (Dingle Peninsula Surf Video)

Florian Walsh  is known for taking stunning photographs of his local surroundings on the Dingle Peninsula. Watch him surf some clean green waves at his local break. Beautiful light and surf conditions from the Kingdom. [youtube id=”WVp3L3xJJVk” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”740″]

Surfing Ireland

The Emerald Isle-A Surf Trip in Ireland

Three guys, one dog and a van go in search of waves along Ireland’s west coast. Ireland will nearly always guarantee some swell in the winter months but the tricky bit is finding the windows of opportunity between the Howling…