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Above Emeralds-Irish Surfing from the Air

Drone Footage of Irish Surfing and the beautiful landscape in the North West of Ireland Enjoy the stunning beauty of the Irish landscape around Sligo and Mullaghmore with selected aerial views. Coinciding with the 3rd annual conference in ‘Surfing Medicine’…

Surfing Ireland

Surfing Ireland, Bodyboarding Barrels on Valentines Day

Surfing Ireland- Barrels on Valentines Day South African born Bodyboarder Mark Stephens is no stranger to surfing Ireland’s reefs but he hasn’t been in the water for over three months. He had his come back surfing session on Valentines Day….

Kitesurfing Video-West Coast of Clare, Ireland

2015 Dec Kitesurfing the West Coast of Clare, Ireland.. from Alan Kavanagh on Vimeo. Another Sweet Video from Alan Kavanagh aka ‘Windchild’. Some nice cold wind and wave conditions at Lahinch over the Christmas break 2014,  cross-on to on-shore. “probably…

Surfing Curragower River Wave – Limerick Ireland

Who said there were no surfable waves in Limerick? The Curragower River Wave is found in the heart of Limerick city under the shadow of King John’s Castle on the River Shannon. The wave has been traditionally surfed by kayakers…